Cursor jumps to the bottom left corner and resizes the window

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Cursor jumps to the bottom left corner and resizes the window

Nic Soltani
Hi all

Eventually I managed to install and run the Wacom on my Acer Travelmate
c110 Tablet PC running FC3 with the 2.6.12-1.1376 kernel installed.

The issue is that when I move the pen on the screen, left and right 2 or
3 times or when the pen is poiting at the screen for few seconds it will
jump to the bottom right corner and resizes the window to where the pen
is poiting at the moment.

I tried to change the drivers but it didn't help.
When I use wacdump (-f c100 /dev/ttyS0) druing the same intervals I get
this message:

"    ParseData:          1 Invalid argument                         (9)
17:27:27.834 WARN: Bad high bit, discarding 7 bytes "

and my shell window will be resized.

When I reduce the size of the window, so it is smaller than the
background it will hit the background and highlights some icons on the
When I work on graphical programs using pen the cursor draws lines to
the bottom left corner of the canvas at the same intervals.

Any help is appreciated.

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