Intuos PTA-641 + xsetwacom - don't understand how to set ExpressKey behaviour

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Intuos PTA-641 + xsetwacom - don't understand how to set ExpressKey behaviour

Simon Muir
[apologies for the earlier post - still finding undesirable 'features' in Thunderbird.
This should be better formatted...]

xubuntu 14.4 AMD-64, GNOME 3.8.4, Kernel 3.13.0-44-generic
Intuos  PTA-641
xsetwacom 0.23.0

simonm@rabbit:~⟫ xsetwacom list devices
Wacom Intuos Pro M Pen stylus           id: 10  type: STYLUS   
Wacom Intuos Pro M Pen eraser           id: 13  type: ERASER   
Wacom Intuos Pro M Pen cursor           id: 14  type: CURSOR   
Wacom Intuos Pro M Pen pad              id: 15  type: PAD      
Wacom Intuos Pro M Finger touch         id: 11  type: TOUCH  

D 11 seems to be my AT keyboard.

I've got the stylus and tablet functions 'just right':
- tablet rotated for left-handed use
- stylus threshold set at 600 (needs a definite tap to trigger Button 1 event)
- buttons 2 & 3 swapped over

I've also learned how to map keypresses to the stylus buttons (but don't want to).

Buttons 8-13 seem to be available on the PAD device - I can set values for them
and GET returns what I set, but I can't progress any further.

With the exception of the scroll ring and its centre button, none of the real, physical "ExpressKeys"
seem to do anything when pressed, no matter what I set them to.

I'm probably not looking in the right place: I've read the FAQ and HowTos on the Wiki, but the
specifics seem to relate to earlier generations of tablet. i'vwe tried searching the list archive but haven't yet turned up anything.

Any advice would be appreciated at this point.



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