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Padi Phillips
I bought on of these pen monitors after I discovered that they use the
digitiser and I know that this is supported on Linux as I have a Hanvon
tablet, and use the driver provided by someone else other than Linux Wacom,
however, this does not work with the pen monitor, even though the pen from
the Parblo will work perfectly on the Hanvon tablet.

The pen monitor is detected when lsusb or dmesg is initiated, so at the
least Linux can 'see' the device, and it also shows in Settings under mouse
and touchpad, though it doesn't work.

As Linux Wacom lists Hanwang as being supported I was wondering whether
anyone has had any success in getting these pen monitors to work on Linux.
I'm not alone in being desirous of using one of these pen monitors on
as on this forum there is some discussion about Linux support:

and there is also some discussion on the Bosto users forum about Linux
support, together
with some drivers - which I've tried, but with no success.

I'm not very technical when it comes to coding, it all looks a bit like
hieroglyphics to me, but I am able to follow directions, and would be most
grateful if someone could point me in the right direction - it's be
wonderful to be able to use this pen monitor without having to boot into

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